DIZNEY LAND By Way Of Military Escort

DIZNEY LAND By Way Of Military Escort

Dennis Novicky


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The true story of a Midwestern couple's vacation gone horribly wrong in a foreign country! A place where I found myself driving 80 mph through the desert while being escorted by two military Humvees armed with 50-caliber machineguns, along with a soldier in the passenger seat of my truck. A bizarre environment where corrupt policemen repeatedly tried to extort money from me, detained in the country after my passport was confiscated, and convicts searched for my missing girlfriend, who was smeared as a gun smuggler by the local media. Raising two questions, why was she interrogated for possessing a big stack of cash? Who is Lucy, and why do some find my participation amusing that her guts were splattered all over the concrete?

"Send lawyers, guns, and money. The shit has just hit the fan!"