Sister Six and the Tree Trunk Table

Sister Six and the Tree Trunk Table

Annie Hernandez


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This story is about a woman named Isabel, who gave birth to six daughters. Each one was born three years apart, and each one has the power of sixth sense. Naomi, the first daughter, has the power to open the doors to the past, present, and future. Esther, the second daughter, has the power to fast-forward time or to stop it. Minerva, the third daughter, has the power of wind, rain, snow, and fire. Elizabeth, the fourth daughter, has the power to fight any danger of any terror disturbing the atmosphere of our earth and human life. Sandra, the fifth daughter, has the power to seek out the secret behind any mystery by mastering and becoming it. Lina, the sixth and last daughter, was born with the strongest power; she can do all that her five sisters can do, as well as control minds and hear the voices of human pain.

These are the next generation of witches in the twentieth century. They will learn about justice and the responsibilities of leadership, protecting all of human life and our earth-the sisters six of the tree trunk table.