Ollie's Odyssey

Ollie's Odyssey

Larry Wolper


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On the day the Millers were moving to a new home, Ollie, one of Dad Larry’s favorite cats, runs away. How will Dad find his good friend Ollie? Gripping, suspenseful, educational, funny, and true, the relationships and experiences shared by Dad and Ollie capture most human emotions and circumstances, like moving to a new home, parents separating, fear, devotion, and loyalty. Dad Larry owned many cats in his life, and all were wild kittens when he first met them. But when he met kitten Ollie, it was special, almost like they knew one another all along. He realized that he and Ollie had the ability to guess what each other were doing, or thinking. He also knew that Ollie was smart and did what had to be done to solve problems. Because they had the ability to guess what each other were thinking or doing, Dad set out into the woods every day for seven-and-a-half weeks, all the time thinking…where is my Ollie, what might he be doing, and where is he going? Ollie is confronted with exciting adventures along his path until Dad catches him in Piper’s backyard many miles away. Dad, Ollie, their other cats Davie, Sammie, and Polly, and the entire Miller family, are finally reunited.


Larry Wolper:
Mr. Wolper has been a consultant to hospitals and physicians for decades and is a frequent lecturer and author in the healthcare industry. A former partner in an international accounting and consulting firm, he is also the president of L. Wolper, Inc. in New York City. The firm provides consultation to physician groups on matters related to strategy, operations, and financial management. He has published two textbooks and over 175 articles in the healthcare industry. This is his first children’s book. He has been active on animal rights and environmental causes throughout his life.