Fred and Friends – The Magic Boat Flies Again

Fred and Friends – The Magic Boat Flies Again

Margaret Chambers


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Brothers, Fred and Robert Rabbit, and their friends, Cyril Squirrel and Henry Mouse, always play together and have lots of fun. This time, the four buy a magic boat they had flown in before, and another magical adventure begins.
Fred mostly takes the lead but the others are always happy to follow as they know that each day will never be boring. They don’t always tell their parents what they have been up to in case they are forbidden to do the same again another day but they never do anything bad – just maybe a little mischievous sometimes.
Fred, Robert, Cyril and Henry certainly have an interesting life. They can’t wait to meet up every day and see what an amazing time they will have. How lucky they are!
The four friends will delight younger children and their adventures will spark children’s imagination.


Margaret Chambers:
Born a ‘yellow belly’, Margaret has lived in Lincolnshire for most of her life. She enjoys chess, quizzing and word games. She has always been an avid reader, and when her children were young, she hoped that they would enjoy books as much as she had. She started creating stories for them which, she’s happy to say, they really enjoyed. These she has now passed on to her grandchildren and they, in turn, seem to relish them. Sometimes she replaces the characters in the book with names of people in the family and that makes them giggle. Margaret’s motto is: “Live life to the full.”