Book of the Beginning

Book of the Beginning

M.J. Sung


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The Book of the Beginning is an artistic way to view the first 7 days of creation. This easy to read book makes the words of the Bible flow and come alive in the beautifully hand drawn pictures. It gives children a fun and creative way to learn about the days in Eden. The poetic format makes it easier for kids to remember God’s words, that will stay with them throughout their lives.


M.J. Sung:
Marvin “M.J.” Sung was born and raised in New York City. Though he grew up outside the faith community, God captured his heart in 2013. Marvin believes everyone should have the opportunity to hear about the bible, especially at a young age. His inspiration comes from meditating on God’s word. Marvin hopes this book will plant a seed of light in the children of this generation and the next to come.