The Expert at the Card Table

The Expert at the Card Table

S. W. Erdnase


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First published in 1902 under the still mysterious pseudonym S. W. Erdnase, “The Expert at the Card Table” is the undisputed bible of card magic. Still in print over one hundred years later and translated into several languages, Erdnase’s masterpiece is the most carefully studied and widely read book ever written on magic tricks with cards. The first section covers card table artifice, or cheating at cards. Erdnase instructs the reader on how to deal from the bottom of the deck, skim cards, create false shuffles, and perform impressive tricks such as palming cards and three card monte. The second section concerns legerdemain, or sleights of hand, including forcing a card, the “slide” and many of the author’s famous tricks, such as “The Acrobatic Jacks”, “The Diving Rod”, “A Mind Reading Trick”, and more. This indispensable classic is an essential addition to any magician’s library and a fascinating read for anyone who would like to understand how card tricks are done.