Play with your Food

Play with your Food

David G. Derrick, Jr.


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A prehistoric lizard must convince a hungry dimetrodon to play with its food! Comically illustrated by an animator on Disney’s 2019 film The Lion King .

The Permian Period was millions of years before the age of the dinosaurs...but it was still a eat-or-be-eaten world! When a small prehistoric lizard (a Coelurosauravus) finds itself on the menu, it must convince the predator (a Dimetrodon) to play with its food.

When the carnivore balks, the tiny reptile simply won't take no for an answer! A hilarious debate and chase ensue between this odd couple. This playful pair provides classic comedic slapstick with over-the-top pratfalls and witty wordplay. Enjoy this an uniquely entertaining "dinosaur" tale with a twist!

This humorous romp will resonate with children and their parents, who both know a contentious mealtime when they see it. Spirited banter will delight young readers. Dinosaur lovers can spy many different species hidden in the scenery.

Vivid and energetic artwork turns the survival of the fittest into the survival of the funniest. Teachers and librarians will enjoy repeated readings of this tall tale, illustrated with naturalistic verve by a veteran animator at Disney and DreamWorks.

Play with your Food is a lighthearted prehistoric romp, brought to life with vibrant full color illustrations."
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David G. Derrick, Jr.:
David G. Derrick, Jr.: David Derrick is the author of Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job and Animals Don’t, So I Won’t! A story artist at DreamWorks Feature Animation, David has contributed to the films Rise of the Guardians, How to Train Your Dragon, and Megamind. A sculptor of wildlife in bronze, he studied fine art at the University of Utah and animation at California Institute of the Arts. See more at